• Teyah Evans
    Teyah Evans

    I reckon she is going to think it is ed is brownie and think she getting a stomach ache or something like that

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    Kim-N Itzel

    I needed that laugh!!! 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Gardner Vlogs
    Gardner Vlogs

    Lmao the disappointment in her face when she found out it was a edible

  • Gena Gena
    Gena Gena

    Ace fam your home is honted look at the bag

  • Hernan Manuel
    Hernan Manuel

    Some paranormal shit👻

  • Hernan Manuel
    Hernan Manuel

    Did somebody see the bag left up by its self😳😳 scroll at 3:48 trust me

  • Yvette Aguilar
    Yvette Aguilar

    Omg this was such a good laugh. Love you Catherine your so gullible 🥰I am the same.

  • Hicheetah

    i dont get it... you can't breastfeed for 6 days after eating an edible wouldn't she be mad?

  • Hannah Munger
    Hannah Munger

    this was so funny 😭 love y’all so much

  • Downer Fam
    Downer Fam

    So now let’s teach all the kids that watch your videos to do drugs. Nice going asswipe

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    K J

    Austin is such a bird

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    Paola Villa

    Where is your water bottle from??

  • Brittany Reeves
    Brittany Reeves

    she wouldn’t feel it that fast tbh. edit: lolol i was about to say

  • AriEats ASMR
    AriEats ASMR

    Majority of your fan base are children.... LOL what a title.

  • Laura M
    Laura M

    He love her so much he would never ever prank her like that and she knows it. She played along good. Won an Oscar.

  • Mirelsa Stuart
    Mirelsa Stuart

    I I like vvstumor

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    I’m not gonna read the comments but Ik she is gonna act like she did ahahah omg

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    Marissa Baul

    Y’all the bag stood up by itself.

  • YTgamestar

    Lol she high

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    Bro kids watch this channel they dont know what a edible is😂😂😂😂

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    Kimberly Quezada

    Austin really running out of video ideas to the point where he drugs his wife there’s children watching this bullshit damn! But anyways do u ✌🏼

  • LaDy sKiTtLeZ
    LaDy sKiTtLeZ

    I think if he would’ve never mentioned it, she would’ve never acted that way

  • Lizbeth Lozano
    Lizbeth Lozano

    3:48 did anyone else see the paper bag move?

  • Destiny Robinson
    Destiny Robinson

    Ik y’all seen the bag just move at like 3:41

  • Alexa Ramirez
    Alexa Ramirez

    this looks a bit staged

  • Alexia Aguilar
    Alexia Aguilar

    3:47 how did the bag just lift up like that 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • The Kk Fam
    The Kk Fam

    Sounded like she said “sheesh” after her saying “googled am I high”

  • Montserrat Vazquez
    Montserrat Vazquez

    If you look closely in 3:50 the bag goes up by it’s self

    • Montserrat Vazquez
      Montserrat Vazquez

      In 3:45

  • karen santizo
    karen santizo

    So fake , she would taste the difference


    Look at the bag 3 37 9r 3 38

  • Tania Reyes
    Tania Reyes

    Was it just me or did the bag of the brownie stand up by it self 3:45

  • Naj

    Edibles don’t even kick in that fast she’s extra lol

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  • Miki Minach
    Miki Minach

    their young audiences watching this video: 🤔

  • Sonji Young
    Sonji Young

    This is a good example of the placebo effect

  • Katie Guzman
    Katie Guzman

    Us Oregonions too lol

  • Donya Playz
    Donya Playz

    Every Woman understands. They have to tell their mans before they start there period

  • Monica Jackson
    Monica Jackson

    My sister went to high school with u😭😭

  • Felix Roldan
    Felix Roldan

    Well austin what if you don't have a girl?

  • Makayla Monterosso
    Makayla Monterosso

    Is it just me or at time 3:48 the paper bag stands up on its own 😦😦

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    Mummaah Bear

    Did anyone notice the bag moving on its own😳

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    famous mafia

    The bag moved at 3:48 🤯

  • Celestina Madrigal
    Celestina Madrigal

    No one is talking about how that bag just left up by it self

  • Layla Offutt
    Layla Offutt

    You mad at you girlfriend for no reason like wy you are making progress am sorry but you need to be nice 🙂🙂🙂 ok bye ace family love you ace family

  • Cathy Jimenez
    Cathy Jimenez

    when she said that’s fucked up i cried LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Cathy Jimenez
    Cathy Jimenez

    she litteraly has my attitude it’s freaking insane

  • Annie Edwards
    Annie Edwards

    I wanna see her try an edible now 🤣 she’s sooo dramatic I love it

  • k henderson
    k henderson

    Yeah that’s smart let’s drug someone

  • dortey and dede
    dortey and dede

    She got wasted

  • Joe George
    Joe George

    Are you freaking serious 😂😂🤪🤪

  • Amy Alcala
    Amy Alcala

    pls catherine thought she was already feeling it. it takes 30 min sometimes an hour or 2😭

  • 123

    Eddys don’t kick in that fast

  • Ángel Hernández
    Ángel Hernández

    12:11 “That’s fucked up” 😂

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    Sonia Loza

    Are we not talking about how the bag stands up on its own ?! !!!

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    Tweedy Dall

    😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 awww poor Catherine she the cuties I couldn’t stop lashing for like 30 mins I swear 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰

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    Saleem Ali

    She said my eyes feel blury😂😂😂 what a lier

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    Suraiya Ramsden

    Be sad

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    Raeesa Govender

    Guys who saw the packet move omg😳😭

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    Anayah Waqas

    I love you family 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😸😸😸😸😻😺😸😻😺😸😻😻😺😺😸😻😺😺😸🙀😺😺😸😻😸😸😻😺😺😸😸😻😺😸😸😻😻😺😸😻😻😻😺😸😻😻😺😸😻😻😺😺😸😻😺😺😺😺😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • luciana burnett
    luciana burnett

    I can't believe Austin tried fighting Bryce Hall acting like he would win. And then throwing water balloons at Bryce Hall and completely missing lol

  • Declan Moughty
    Declan Moughty

    Austin you know we are playing Barbies and the east family Barbie

  • Declan Moughty
    Declan Moughty

    Austin Kelly said bulletin bowler thing can you are like PAS and Private thank y

  • honda48crit

    LMAO I quit following you along with everyone else the last few months. And I am so sorry I did that,although there weren’t that many videos. I laughed so hard with this one. Great job Austin. Catherine you are hilarious I love your personality and yes you are “ high on life” You have so much to be grateful for. I’m not envious I just live through you. so happy for your life. I wish mine was A quarter of what yours is right now. We all go through things getting older divorces financial problems but you make me forget all that. Love you Rhonda’s

  • Madison Perez
    Madison Perez

    3:44 did any one else see that?

  • Lexie Southerland
    Lexie Southerland

    imagine changing the title from ‘making her think she ate an edible’ to ‘she really ate an edible’ for clickbait lol

  • perla garcia
    perla garcia

    So y’all didn’t see when that bag? She laid it flat and then it like got up

  • Giaunna belgarde
    Giaunna belgarde

    edibles don't kick in dat fast

  • Saniye Guler
    Saniye Guler

    3:48 the bag moves up 💀

  • Amy Blen
    Amy Blen

    So he’s just gonna sit there and explain what a drug is to a bunch of kids..they know their age demographic better than anyone. Great use of your platform 👍🏽

    • Jonathan

      Omg just stfu go do yoga or sum

    • Autumn Atienzo
      Autumn Atienzo

      It’s not a drug:)

  • Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murphy

    “I’m getting my period” lol

  • Peace& Love
    Peace& Love

    3:48 have u guys seen ? 🤣🤣🤣 creepy🤣😳😳


    why is Catherine so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Y’all know this fake right it’s a fake brownie

  • Lyvia Raubeson
    Lyvia Raubeson

    ur a pussy

  • Rab J
    Rab J

    3:47 bro the bag of brownies moved by itself tf 😂

  • tita coleen
    tita coleen

    LMAOO reminds me of my sister when she took a smalllll ass bite of my gummy and said she couldn’t breathe or feel her lips after I said it was an edible and bitch wasn’t even done swallowing it yet 🤣😂

    • Angelina Sky
      Angelina Sky


  • Destanybullard

    Why do you guys like to hate on the ace family like it's not your life to decide what they do I don't get it because the ace family are good people people make up lies and if Catherine wants to be with Austin let her be like dang just let her be if she didn't think that her and Austin went perfect together then they would have broke up and never got married and they would never have kids so just stop hating on them I don't get it like I know Captain's beautiful like super beautiful and she has two beautiful kids Ellen Aaliyah and steel is a handsome boy and Austin is handsome too sleeve them alone stop hating on them they did nothing wrong to you and if they did it's because of you guys they don't need hate they need love and support I love these family my whole family does and I don't get it stop giving hate to the ace family love them subscribe hit the like button turn on notifications and go like on everything else that they have you guys have so much hate for them instead of having hate give Love instead of making them feel bad and sad make them feel happy and proud and just because she has an anxiety problem because that's what everyone's saying I would act like that too because you really don't know this was a really good prank but I'm team Catherine so I'm sorry Austin but I'm team Catherine and it is not right to leave hate leave love that's all I'm going to say she has three handsome and beautiful kids and Austin and Catherine Catherine is beautiful like really beautiful in Austin is handsome and l is beautiful and so is Aaliyah and still is handsome steel love you guys so much my support is on you guys I want you guys this video every single day and they watch the videos that are old because you guys get me through stress and anger issues that I'm using my sister's phone to say all this because I love you guys and I think it is wrong for people to hate on you guys for doing nothing wrong to them love you Catherine Austin Aaliyah steal and l keep doing what you guys are doing because you guys are doing great and when you guys left ISdowns it made me cry because I love you guys so much love you keep up the good work that's all I wanted to say

    • Destanybullard

      Okay wait sorry I thought I was done you guys shouldn't question about Catherine's way or say anything about her weight because she is beautiful young and super skinny she had three kids that are beautiful and handsome so leave them alone whoever's haters just leave them alone because I'm not a hater I will stick up for the ace family because they are my life so leave Katherine alone about her weight she's beautiful and when I say beautiful I mean super beautiful and Catherine if you're reading this please if you can like it or not like it I'm sorry what would I say that I love you guys so much I just want to show you guys and meet you guys but I don't want to do that because you guys are you guys are don't want people like going to your front door and if I ever see you guys how I will give you guys a whole bunch of gifts like I'll buy you guys anything especially for Catherine and her kids and you Austin so yeah if you are hater leave and just don't say it at all because if you don't have anything nice to see them don't say it because you really don't know what's the actual story to what's going on

  • April Chavez
    April Chavez

    Look at her omg no catherine 😹

  • Chloe McKinley
    Chloe McKinley

    Y’all need to eat actual edibles that would be so funny

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards

    This is a dog shit channel

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    Vijeta Persad


  • Dominique Gutierrez
    Dominique Gutierrez

    I love all your guys videos, I don’t care what anyone says, you guys are so amazing ❤️

  • b

    austin: its an edible catherine: *eats more of the brownie😭*

  • Deborah Thorley
    Deborah Thorley

    Has no one realised the bag that magically stands back up??? Watch 3.45 onwards and watch the white bag... spooky 👻👻 ❤ The Ace Family ❤

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    Taneca Nelson


  • Elafraa Merci
    Elafraa Merci

    Tell us about illiana faith Vargas 👀

  • Elafraa Merci
    Elafraa Merci

    Tell us about illiana faith Vargas 👀

  • cindy khau
    cindy khau

    Did anyone notice the bag coming back up by itself at 3:47 ?

  • Perla Sandoval
    Perla Sandoval

    Who catched the bag moving? At 3:48

  • Juana Forever
    Juana Forever

    i’m here because of tiktok 3:48 the bag moves... why lol

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    Jahseh Dwayne

    Did anyone else see the bag move by itself???

  • pretty rivka
    pretty rivka

    Love the ace family!!! Done

  • Marc Luna
    Marc Luna

    Catherine will probably say "WHY DID YOU GIVE ME AN EDIBLE AUSTIN?!"

  • mimi_xo

    Lmaooooo the mind is powerful. This was a good prank Austin 😂😂

  • Karli Armstrong
    Karli Armstrong

    She’s gonna be like “AUSTINNNN really!?? When does it kick in? Am I gonna be okay??!!”

  • Bruh JuJu
    Bruh JuJu

    why was 9:42 the funniest thing ever

  • parysa _latoja
    parysa _latoja

    Hope she will feel better 🥺 , support them guys so much there such a good parent 💞🥺🥺