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    Roseomyx ___

    Stfu this is clickbait, if you gonna quit then quit bro.

  • Haamidah Ahmed
    Haamidah Ahmed

    The ACE Family is known for their clickbait...

  • Ms Tikki
    Ms Tikki

    Hmmm ahahaahaha my God these are "amazing" as what i heard. "Wonderful"🤣

  • Kristin Cook
    Kristin Cook

    She is not stupid austin

  • Arpineh Shakoorian
    Arpineh Shakoorian

    I need to work on myself

  • Arpineh Shakoorian
    Arpineh Shakoorian

    2021 i want to ask and about me goal that I won't wander and negative acting like a baby

  • Arpineh Shakoorian
    Arpineh Shakoorian

    My question is that 2020 it was not a good feeling for my ace family

  • Kerri Bell
    Kerri Bell

    CHALLENGE.... Live for 1 week on a poor mans income and see what it's like. I know you have been there for a few seconds, but think u have forgotten how hard it is.. You are young so u have never really experienced REAL hardship..

  • Kerri Bell
    Kerri Bell

    I would be calm if i had ur life and cash.. SHEESH...You have a CHEF, BABYSITTERS everything u want or need... No wonder ur calm.. FFs

  • Kerri Bell
    Kerri Bell

    A challenge to cope with 3 kids. .REALLY.. you have on going baby sitters when ever u require it. How about u buy a couple of homes n let ppl who live on the streets stay there, which will be giving them a warm or cool place to stay in and a bed... INSTEAD of just handing a little cash out.. Just saying...

  • Kerri Bell
    Kerri Bell

    Please wear ur seat belt properly Catherine. The way u wear it is not safe. If Austin has to it the breaks hard, ur head cud end up in the windscreen. Seen it plenty of times being in St Johns. Just friendly advice. X

  • Isabella#_ 1
    Isabella#_ 1

    You can make a google classroom class and anybody can join with their google accounts but you need to give a code to us for us to know so we can join you can even make zooms for us to join and we can all talk to you

  • Zainab Ahmad
    Zainab Ahmad

    Imagine sitting in a rolls Royce living in a enormous mansion. Wearing expensive ass clothes. Everywhere omg ur life is so stressful

  • Song

    who tf names a kid steel ㅋㅋㅋ

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    Yo Hann

    Thank you TeamAustan and TeamCathrine for asking them for new pranks!😊


    Where are catherine’s moonstone rings from?!?🥺😍

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    that person

    I was half hoping this wasn't clickbait, but that would be hoping for too much

  • Crackers

    I feel like strangling the adults would free the chidren.

  • Bxby Angxls
    Bxby Angxls

    Imagine sitting in you luxury car, driving away from your multi-million dollar fortress, with 3 kids, fans who worship you, all you have to do is stare at a camera and talk sh*t while other people bust their a** at work, and your healthy and rich sayings it's hard- what's hard about ur life you have A HUGE HOME that's probably paid off while people are struggling to pay their bills or rent- and the cherry on top you clickbait- this doesn't make sense to me. I may be young but I know what makes sense and what doesn't come after me idc i said what i said ✌

    • Bxby Angxls
      Bxby Angxls

      @pepesaur 1 I know but I did

    • pepesaur 1
      pepesaur 1

      you don need to say shot like sh*t

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    Adrian Enache

    Wtf am I watching? Why does this even exist? Good people??? You? You're confusing it with ignorance!

  • Hayden Raman
    Hayden Raman

    y’all never know what people are going through like what if they are sitting in a rolls Royce like they might be Rich and everything but money doesn’t make u happy it’s just a temporary thing they are blessed to have the money to support people and their family what if they wanna take a break from ISdowns like if they changed their mind or if this is click bait why do u care it’s not your life at the end of the day.

  • AJah

    Lol this just makes me laugh some people that are working real jobs like hairstylist business company doctors scientist etc. etc. well you get to record your three kids playing and you get millions of dollars from it and other people have to work their asses off and I’m supposed to be sorry for you!? Oh poor baby... Chile anyway-stay in your million dollar mansion and stop making videos and go get a real job and maybe will feel bad for you. Also Catherine check on your husband cheating on you.

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic

    When is cat gonna get a new phone

  • Royale Ava
    Royale Ava

    It’s not even there last video

  • Lee

    Them finding it hard in their mansion with a cinema and stuff???

  • Family Alvarez
    Family Alvarez

    Ive been watching your guys videos from the beginning and you guys have not changed. I mean you've changed but in ways that you hope peoples lives would change. To be completely honest i feel like you guys are very humble and grateful for everything life has blessed you guys with. Everything you guys say I feel is very genuine, ESPECIALLY Catherine! no offense to Austin but I love how passionate she is when she talks about every question she's always wishing the best for everyone, Even the little baby sea turtle lol but I mean its little things like that that show me you guys are good people and like you said people that say hateful things might be going through something but all you can do is brush it off, wish them well and keep pushing. WE LOVE YOU ACE FAM-LAAAYYY! ❤️♠️

  • cynthia aparicio
    cynthia aparicio

    You guys should creat AWARENESS for what’s happening around the world it’s not getting better use your platform and stop trying to be someone your not while trying to find yourself Es

  • Lisias Shaanika
    Lisias Shaanika

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lisias

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    Phayvor Goldie

    Who are the 7k peeps that disliked this video,seems like you need your lives to be disliked rhy??

  • rachel hall
    rachel hall

    I have if i see people needing help for example i need if i'm sick mom will get me soup. so i do that to the same so i know how it feels but you also need to think on the positive and that like you'll said be respective and don't come at you and ask random stuff cause i know if that happend to me i would feel not so comfortable. so i know how it feels it happend to me. love you'll and the kids god bless you'll

  • Rosa R
    Rosa R

    Love you ace family 💓

  • Mariselys Selena Urena
    Mariselys Selena Urena

    Y’all come on don’t do that no need even tho I knew it wasn’t real lol

  • Waffle Cat
    Waffle Cat

    they meant that this is their last video on 2020

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    Lidismary Martinez


  • Kayla Marriott
    Kayla Marriott

    How do you Love about your kids

  • Elite Doctor
    Elite Doctor

    They should've stopped making videos 4 years ago.

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    Noelle Sung

    give me money to move to canada 💃

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    María Nuñez

    Is it just me or is (Cathy my nickname for her) is she cussing more than usual I liked it when she didn’t cuss.

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    dety xd clan

    Shut up

  • Yasmine V
    Yasmine V

    Still siked that I got to see you guys grow 💖 it’s crazy but I’m proud of you both ! You came a long way ! 👍🏻

  • Yasmine V
    Yasmine V

    Yes I always put myself in other shoes.

  • Cobra Kai Never dies
    Cobra Kai Never dies

    Austin is cheating on his wife 😲

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    Diana De Leon

    Do y’all Austin us cheating on het

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    Kelsey Neu

    She’s not going 😭😂😂

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    Kelsey Neu

    I’m dead his drink so mini 🤣🤣

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    M. Cervantes

    “Hey guys”😭

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    nicquae anderson

    May God bless you guys every day

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    Ace family member Rebecca I love u guys so much u are special ❤️ ISdowns ever and I like watching the videos u made me happy

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    When I saw this video: YES YES YES YES! When I clicked on it:NO NO NO SHIT!

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    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what do you mean last video

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    I got excited for a second there

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    And im here WISHING to win the lotto 😰🤓😅😅😅😅😅 so happy for yous though 🥰🥰😎

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    Summer Wright

    Why would you tell people in the beginning of your video to subscribe to your channel it you were going to leave ISdowns, what would be the point of that?

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    Why the last?

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    Team pig Gäjming

    Oh no we need money. Let’s make a 40 minutes long video called our last video. And then a week later upload a new video

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    Cj & Kayls

    Yes Austin please do this program ! Xx

  • Cj & Kayls
    Cj & Kayls

    Love You Ace Family

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    Please be on yt foreverrr !

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    Needed to this 🥲💘

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    fucking cringe leave the kids alone

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    Why waht...Noo

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    💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram blocked me from commenting to many times for the Tesla so here I am lol

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    Who else’s heart dropped when they read the title? 💔

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    They doing that for clout🙄🙄🙄

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    I mean I not me lol

  • DylanL33D3vlin

    I would never quit ISdowns Austin

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    What the f*** in hell

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    ♠️❤️Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy ACCCCCCEEEE FAAAAMMMMMIIIILLLLLLYYY !!!!!!! ♠️❤️

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    That program is a 🔥 idea

  • Rainy Unique
    Rainy Unique

    💙💙💙💙💙💙🔮 Instagram block me from commenting for the Tesla so here I am lol

  • leen almuhaideb
    leen almuhaideb

    Don't people understand that money is not everything /:! Thats common knowledge and if you don't know that then you're the most superficial person ever. Sure it help, like a lot, but it doesn't necessarily make you the happiest person alive! I personally know a freaking millionaire who literally killed himself because he was too depressed!😂 he had everything that he could ever ask for, he could literally buy anything in the world but he still was sad and depressed. Just because they have money doesn't necessarily means they are the happiest people to ever live LMFAO. Like thats so funny that people would think that lol.

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    Misš Røyal]

    I’m so mad

  • Sabina Rai
    Sabina Rai

    who got fooled by this video???

  • Maiya Ferguson
    Maiya Ferguson

    Hey I can’t Exaggerate this enough if you guys are going to just come on peoples ISdowns Channel to hate don’t even comment on the video.

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    well that was a fucking lie

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    Michelle Stepanchenko

    Again lies all lies

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    Happy New year 🎊

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    Pastellie’s World!

    stop manipulating your young audience it’s disgusting.

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    We knew y’all want leaving us lol y’all never will because y’all love us tooooooo much 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    idk what I'll watch if they stop doing youtube 🥺

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    Such a motivational videoo💟💟💟💟💟

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    I’m rewatchin this 😂 it’s so good 😊

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    Man yall are some warriors i would take all the hate i would go off real quick shout to the ace family man i love yall so much

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    Catherine you are my soul sister 😩💕

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    If only it really was

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    I feel like this was very genuine.👌

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    How many last videos has it been now?

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    I wish this was real

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    Why have a wedding when you’re already married? ??

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    I can barely get views on my channel with regular captions 😂 lol jk I love them regardless

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    If only it wasn't click bait 😔

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    Laura Saldana

    It’s funny how On the first question she had the look like his answer was bs. But he did seem like he was being fake.

  • Emma Byrne
    Emma Byrne

    The wedding was going to happen in 2020 if Catherine want pregnant... Why are they bummed out they didn't have the celebrations when they had a BABY!

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