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    the fact that alaia didnt hug him until elle did😂😂

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    This guy is a total piece of trash. Don’t know why she stays with him

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    Tbh austin gonna get wrecked

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    This guy makes me sick... Does he know his day is coming around.. or? There is such a thing as karma!

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    So ironic I watch this video and the intro is about working out and I’ve been going to the gym for two weeks now Monday-Friday with my husband😂😂 he a marine so you know these workouts 💪🏾

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    Omg elle and alai and steel is growing so fast awww

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    Your family is so cute 🥰 but when is the fight

  • Ashley Gallegos
    Ashley Gallegos

    Your family is so cute 🥰 but when is the fight

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    reviewfor thetube

    I have a suspicious feeling his boy is going to look like his brother when he gets older

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      reviewfor thetube

      @Nicole Chewning I'm saying his son looks like his brother to me I didn't mean it as like oh its his brother's baby lol

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      Do what???

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    I have a question!! How do you guys make your income or money? I’ve been watching for a while and have seen your beautiful family grow from just Elle to now 3! I was just curious, apart from the merch and ISdowns videos? - just a curious fan!

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    Catherine are you okay? it might just be marks from the babies but there’s a rash on your chest and i thought maybe you had a reaction or a breakout from something? i love you guys and i wish you the best!

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    maisie alvarez

    ugh y’all are so amazing and you talk about life so genuinely and i just love hearing all of your thoughts about what’s going on in the world and your passions! i really hope when y’all decide to finally go on tour you come to Dallas TX because i’ve been a fan since 2mil and my dream has been to meet you guys for so long!!💓🥰💯 i love you Catherine so much you are my inspiration for so many things and i hope to my as good of a mom as you one day!!❤️❤️ also i’ve been wanting to get back in shape for so long and thanks to austin and your whole families motivation and consistency i’m ready to do the same!!

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    lea Zaifman

    how about discussing how youve scammed most of your fan base?????? | why are you failing to meet what youve promised ppl? so you make your money by scamming ppl? yall are trash and exploit your kids! what a shame what a disgrace yall dont deserve this channel! pathetic yall should be ashamed of yourselves

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    At 9:06 he talks about how he can only provide for his fam by boxing/fighting because it’s his “work”. Like dude you make MILLIONS from ISdowns what??? I’m confused!

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    Omg yes I would love for us to keep up with our health chain together thatś what Ive been needing to get myself motivated but nobody wanted to do it with me :/

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    The Life of Kaylee

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