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  • Andrew Delarosa
    Andrew Delarosa

    Catherine got CAKE

  • King Ballin
    King Ballin

    Tell Austin you wanna be in a open relationship prank😁

  • Akeelah Hodgson
    Akeelah Hodgson

    I love this video

  • Brian Bauer
    Brian Bauer

    Brooooo NICK won that fight

  • Jay__exotics

    I wonder what happened when they turned off the camera 😅

  • Shay

    Okay but you're literally mom of three body GOALS 🤩✨🔥💜✝️💫

  • Sampson-Parker Family
    Sampson-Parker Family


  • Sandra

    She doesnt not know how to walk in heels. Its so funny lol

  • Yogi Master
    Yogi Master

    @grandyglaze is the IG of his friend with OnlyFans

  • Donna Benson
    Donna Benson

    I love Catherine she's beautiful inside and out ... Hugs from Donna xx Liverpool UK 🇬🇧💗

  • Johana Beascoechea
    Johana Beascoechea

    So fake you would never and he would laugh I said this before even watching

  • Molly

    Austin was looking at Catherine like “Damn my girl look good, I hope she not serious” 🙃🤣

  • Sandra

    Uggghhh when she first had elle she was my favortie youtuber. Now she's just the fakest woman on youtube and the biggest scammer

  • Julian -
    Julian -

    Typing with one hand is not easy

  • Kryston Deleon
    Kryston Deleon

    U messed up for doing da Ireland boys like that just have a reg fight

  • La Evelyn MA
    La Evelyn MA

    Catherine couldn’t keep it serious 😂

  • Amy Rangel
    Amy Rangel

    I love Catherine😂❤️

  • Danielle Fields
    Danielle Fields

    I love you Catherine! Youre so cute and ive said it before, i would love to just hangout w you and chill lol

  • Veronica Saldana
    Veronica Saldana

    You’re so pretty that’s it !!!

  • Emily Mitchell
    Emily Mitchell

    Catherine is stunning 😍

  • Jose Manuel Ortiz
    Jose Manuel Ortiz

    Love love love Catherine videos 🥰🥰shes a cutie pie 😍-Ruth

  • Luis Nieto
    Luis Nieto

    Bruh she really said “I need to start living my life again I’m only 30” like yeah and you also have 3 kids and a husband respect that.

  • Veronica Saldana
    Veronica Saldana

    I saw your guys his wrestling it was hell a cool I wish I could go with you guys!!!

  • Felicity Grima
    Felicity Grima

    who is is here in April 2021

  • Viviana Pena
    Viviana Pena

    Catherine, ima need you to more pranks on Austin please, I do enjoy the content AHAHAHA🤣❤️

  • african kaleab
    african kaleab

    Jesus is Lord.

  • Amber Smyth
    Amber Smyth

    She's so gorgoues 😍

  • leen almuhaideb
    leen almuhaideb

    I cant with you Catherine, you went from i miss you guys to you guys are so annoying real quick 🤣

  • Sandra

    Catherine has the fakest voice ever. She tries to have this peaceful tone Its forced. Anyone with a brain could tell She said she out of no where decided to film She just likes how her hair looks so she wanted to record herself LOL

  • Lorenza Castillo
    Lorenza Castillo


  • Kay-Lee Nicole Maobi
    Kay-Lee Nicole Maobi

    LITERALLY! IF SEXY WAS A PERSON IT WOULD BE YOU CATHY 😌😌🤭🤭😍😍😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤 periodt 🙅‍♀️ .

  • Hirushani Amarasinghe
    Hirushani Amarasinghe

    Chathys happy mood make me happy🥺

  • Otisha Thomas
    Otisha Thomas

    I’m so happy we’re family!✨🤣 Thanks for calling us annoying!✨💙🤞🏾

  • Allthingsfun 13
    Allthingsfun 13

    Catherine seems so honestly happy and I’m happy to see her with a natural follow doing her thing just living

  • Makayla Thompson
    Makayla Thompson

    What you are so funny today girl hahahahh I love you

  • Hirushani Amarasinghe
    Hirushani Amarasinghe

    Cathyy is so beautiful as always 🥺 she’s getting more pretty day by day

  • Hirushani Amarasinghe
    Hirushani Amarasinghe

    Love you guys sooo much xx.

  • Hirushani Amarasinghe
    Hirushani Amarasinghe

    Such a perfect couple 🥺💗

  • Miranda Palomino
    Miranda Palomino

    God bless you all, God loves you alll, and hope you all have an amazing day

  • THEEB - ذيب
    THEEB - ذيب


  • Gerardo Villanueva
    Gerardo Villanueva


  • Gisela Villa
    Gisela Villa


  • D&A Videos
    D&A Videos

    I love Catherine’s pranks 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽

  • Ashley Gallardo
    Ashley Gallardo

    “Alright, let’s both be in it” 😹

  • Alina Deula
    Alina Deula

    Happy New Year 2078 My Nepali People. ❤

  • Nancy Gatica
    Nancy Gatica

    I freakin love Catherine lol 😂❤️she’s a whole mood lmao

  • Paola Valencia
    Paola Valencia

    You’re so damn beautiful

  • Fran Says
    Fran Says

    Lool I be tossing my clothes into my hands from my feet too sometimes Catherine 😂😂

  • Daynea Jackson
    Daynea Jackson

    Austin can’t take the heat❤️

  • Eric Charles
    Eric Charles

    When i listen to feel my love i think of the Ace family’s intro

  • Skei Morfin
    Skei Morfin

    I luv uuuuuu😍😍Catherine <3

  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez

    I am from El Paso

  • Richel Cahimat
    Richel Cahimat


  • Vinodani Dolowatta
    Vinodani Dolowatta

    You become old

  • trippin 10
    trippin 10

    Omg Catherine is just the independent type and don't need no man lmfao she so funny 😂😂😂the way Austin describes how she went ghost on him for a week

  • Tia Carrillo
    Tia Carrillo

    I pray that no young women believe this is what they should be doing.

  • Paola Valencia
    Paola Valencia

    We’re family girl I need to tell you that the fake hair don’t blend well with your real beautiful hair.

  • Lizeth Cerrato
    Lizeth Cerrato

    Only fans about crystals 🤣

  • Mileena Amaya
    Mileena Amaya

    Catherine’s intro was 💯! I love her energy! This whole video is AWESOME! ❤️❤️❤️

  • lhf

    Catherine just wanting to show her body/booty to the camera. Lol. She feeling herself. You do you girl. 😆🤗

  • María Martinez
    María Martinez


  • Treny Is pretty
    Treny Is pretty

    I wanna see Austin fight jake Paul. 😂😂😂😂 but he won’t cause he’s a pussy. Fight someone your own age and stop worrying about 21 year olds your almost 30 with 3 kids and obviously your kids are the last people on your mind. What does age have to do with it? Cause I know that’s what you’d say well age don’t categorize strength but you got yourself out here looking like a childish immature ass kid act your age and stop fucking with 21 year olds. Next boxing match FIGHT JAKE PAUL. 😂😂😂😂💯

  • Tokyo Meets Brooklyn
    Tokyo Meets Brooklyn

    Hope everyone had blessed day!! 🖤 From Tokyo Meets Brooklyn Family!!❤️


    Got yo merch❤️

  • Nisha Beauty
    Nisha Beauty

    catherine needs to make her own channel i love when she makes vids alone

  • Thannya Zaguirre
    Thannya Zaguirre

    Catherine try the tik tok hack with the swim suits you will probably like it when you have free time

  • famous

    Catherine double cheeked up

  • Donovan Tiai
    Donovan Tiai

    I love her vibe 😂😂

  • c h a n e l c r o c s
    c h a n e l c r o c s

    Austin was feeding me oranges 😂😂pure love

  • kimberly cardenas
    kimberly cardenas

    catherine: "imagine me making an OF what am i gonna make an OF abt crystals?" 😂😂

  • Jessi Brown
    Jessi Brown

    I love hanging out with you and you just talking to us. ❤️

  • Kimberly

    Catherine you’re so beautiful! I love you

  • James Knight
    James Knight


  • Jasmine Rangel
    Jasmine Rangel

    Love how much more Catherine have been taking over lately this content felt real & just chillin

  • Yulk

    Someone has to say it! You Guys were Chhhhhhooppeedddd brahhhhh 😝🥰Always Love the vids <3

  • sweetgirl4u247

    I'd watch you talking about crystals on OnlyFans. 😂

  • Heather Imhoff
    Heather Imhoff

    Girl you're looking all kinds of amazing with those legs 😲🎯❤️ I missed you too girl!! Such an amazing mom!!❤️ Always

  • Dafne Torres
    Dafne Torres

    Catherine really did nail it, Catherine is like the queen when it cause to beauty and PRANKS!