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The ACE Family
The ACE Family

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  • Tania Marie
    Tania Marie

    It’s definitely Oreo

  • jennelly kasno
    jennelly kasno


  • Kea TV
    Kea TV

    Austins laugh had me cracking up at 10:05 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Sucks that Mom and Dad cant manage their money properly

  • deevina ganapathy
    deevina ganapathy

    I think bruno but that's basic so they probably went with ace

  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry


  • Jonathan Plourde
    Jonathan Plourde

    ace or oreo😍😍🥺

  • Tyler McLean
    Tyler McLean

    It hasss too be ace lol

  • hicks girls
    hicks girls


  • hicks girls
    hicks girls


  • Uchia Level54
    Uchia Level54

    The ace family ih

  • jennelly kasno
    jennelly kasno


  • Jammie Gould
    Jammie Gould


  • Ethan Jenson
    Ethan Jenson

    Hey ace fam u lay whats going on every body

  • Shaina Rogers
    Shaina Rogers


  • Ethan Jenson
    Ethan Jenson

    Love you all. Ace fam

  • Nejah Powell
    Nejah Powell


  • _ xxINSANITYxx_
    _ xxINSANITYxx_

    Named the dog thor

  • Gina I M
    Gina I M

    Ace is his name

  • theREAL Dingø
    theREAL Dingø

    Biggest scam on ISdowns. Good luck with that house stuff. Lmao. Loser.

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez

    Zeus or Milo

  • Yulecsi webster
    Yulecsi webster

    im guessing his name is ACE hopefully im right

  • theREAL Dingø
    theREAL Dingø

    Better find a new house quick. God luck being over 9m in debt. It’s gonna be tough. Suckers. 😝

  • John Ratoo
    John Ratoo

    ACE family new dog name, my guess is Domination from 100 Domination

  • Janeen Protain
    Janeen Protain


  • Ezra Aco
    Ezra Aco

    Omg'!!!! Fan since 2018 here 🇨🇦🇵🇭

  • Reem Zayed
    Reem Zayed

    11:19 “ace come here, ace come here” alia💓💓

  • Cambrie Duke
    Cambrie Duke

    is his name Oreo

  • Kara Hanks
    Kara Hanks

    sea has all the kids first initial

  • Crafty Delights
    Crafty Delights

    Cat it such a nurturing soul!!! 🥰🥰

  • Anthony

    Omg steel looked like he saw ghost 4:58

  • Fernanda Martinez
    Fernanda Martinez


  • vanessa tapia
    vanessa tapia

    it has to be ace

  • Kathy Carr
    Kathy Carr

    Call him Ace

  • Abdurahman Afendi
    Abdurahman Afendi

    it is acce

  • Serena Peach
    Serena Peach

    His name should be Somebody’s Auntie😂

  • Khanthaly Xayavong
    Khanthaly Xayavong

    It sounds like Alaia was saying Ace so that's my guess lol

  • Kyann Mishima
    Kyann Mishima

    ACE or Oreo

  • ・Kim._.Kardashian・

    She has separation anxiety so sad it's ok to cry over someone

  • Omnia Salama
    Omnia Salama

    I think it’ll be Ace♥️

  • Jacky Flores
    Jacky Flores

    that crate is so cool

  • PHXsunsfans

    Ace his name is Ace

  • Theoni Orfanidis
    Theoni Orfanidis

    Ace Most ovious

  • Majesty Ware
    Majesty Ware


  • Jay Rojas
    Jay Rojas

    Definitely ace

  • Aneesia Wilson
    Aneesia Wilson


  • Khanthaly Xayavong
    Khanthaly Xayavong

    Wow I haven't watched in a while and Elle is so grown and articulate.

  • Haylee Martin
    Haylee Martin

    ACE or cow

  • Chyla Lockhart
    Chyla Lockhart

    ace or sea

  • Kassy Rocha
    Kassy Rocha

    I hope his name is ACE 😍😍😍

  • grace wjdnej
    grace wjdnej

    it's sea

  • Someone 98
    Someone 98

    The craziest thing is when my cousin was a baby like steel is now he looked identical to steel

  • Aida R
    Aida R


  • daphne gonzalez
    daphne gonzalez

    it has to be oreo cause of his color or ace

  • Nathan Oh
    Nathan Oh


  • Aida R
    Aida R


  • Shadow.x. sunflower
    Shadow.x. sunflower


  • Sunshinexx

    I think his names max

  • kathleen gori
    kathleen gori

    i hope u dnt give him back... as all the dogs they gifted you. please

  • gilberto ramirez
    gilberto ramirez


  • Marwa I
    Marwa I


  • Jasmine Arellano
    Jasmine Arellano

    it has to be Ace

  • Sania Jimeal
    Sania Jimeal

    Guys pls check out CAN fmaily they are way better looking than these and they are just so much worth the fame than these begs

  • Kai Paddock
    Kai Paddock

    I thought you were broke tho👀

  • sanyukta kumbhare
    sanyukta kumbhare


  • Catherine Ann
    Catherine Ann

    He looks like his name should be Teddy

  • Christine Duran
    Christine Duran

    Yay its ace

  • 1dayatatyme Love
    1dayatatyme Love


  • Beracah Shabong
    Beracah Shabong

    It’s definitely ACE!!! 😍

  • Jaime Bilney
    Jaime Bilney


  • Seairrah Vue
    Seairrah Vue

    The dog name is ACE?

  • Angelique Walker
    Angelique Walker

    I think his name is oreo

  • Aisha Sillah
    Aisha Sillah

    So when are you going to answer my dm s 😭😭

  • Grxdge

    God Sent His Son John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 🙏🏽

  • Neha Ijaz
    Neha Ijaz

    They were very mad

  • Renata Vazquez
    Renata Vazquez

    The puppy is beautiful, I hope you adopted him for the right reasons and becomes a life-long family member and a true friend for your children.

  • Lisa Libert
    Lisa Libert

    What's your puppy name

  • Lola Heathcite
    Lola Heathcite

    why do they call the girls moma?

  • Kennyani Bradford
    Kennyani Bradford

    The puppy name has to be ace

  • quiltea56